Tallest Woman in the World 2018, Top 10 List – Guinness Records

Who is Tallest Woman in the World 2018, Top 10 List – Guinness World Records We all have heard that excess of everything is bad. Same goes for the height as well. Where height adds up to the personality of one’s person, for some it can become a little problematic. When it goes beyond normality, living a normal life become very difficult for them, entailing clothing, house routine chores and many more things to add on.

We are listing down top 10 tallest women of the world, who have been named in the Guinness Book of World records as well. They are;

10. Heather Greene: (6 Feet – 5.5 Inches)

last on our list, we have Heather Greene, who belongs to USA and world born in Las Vegas. She has the height of 6 feet and 5.5 inches, and has gained quite a lot of fame because of this marvelous height in USA. She has been getting customized tailor clothing for herself, as nothing seems to be fitting her in such a height and definitely she has had to face little difficulties in daily chores.

9. Rita Miniva Besa: (6 Feet – 8 Inches)

On number 9 we have Rita Miniva Besa, who is a tallest women from Zimbabwe. She heights 6 feet and 8 inches and is an important member of basketball team because of her this extraordinary height. She hasn’t taken this tremendous height on her nerves negatively but has been seen taking advantage of this and getting fame being a great basketball performer. She has set an example for women like her all over the world.

8. Caroline Welz: (6 Feet – 9 Inches)

She is another tallest women heighted 6 feet and 9 inches. Caroline belongs to Germany and has gained enough popularity because of her tremendous height. She stands on number 8th position in our list. She is strong, and self-reliant and exactly knows how to deal with such an extraordinary height in her daily routine.

7. Malee Duangdee: (6 Feet – 10 Inches)

On number 7th in our list, we have none other than Malee Duangdee, who is regarded as the second tallest women in Asia because of her 6 feet and 10 inches height. This one women had to face many difficulties in her life because of this abnormal life and went under a treatment as well. But since it was costing them way too much, they quit! And Malee had to live with this height, which in turn gave her fame and respect and named her amongst one of the tallest women on the planet earth.

6. Gitika Srivastava: (6 Feet – 11 Inches)

On number 6th in our list, we have one Indian women named Gitika Srivastava, who is 6 feet and 11 inches tall. She has gained this height genetically, since her father was also one of the heighted man around India with a great height of 7 feet and 4 inches. He was also a basketball player. Gitika has been living a very normal and happy life, since she didn’t take this any negatively and productively used her height in her performances and became as inspiration for women like her all over the world.

5. Uljana Semjonova: (7 Feet)

Then we have Uljana Semjonova in our list of tallest women all around thw world. She belongs to Latvian and is one of their famous basketball player. She has the height of 7 feet and has been a famous player with the largest feet ever. She has successfully managed to name multiple sports awards to her through her tremendous performances playing through different leagues.

4. Zainab Bibi: (7 Feet – 2 Inches)

This tallest women, Zainab Bibi is from Pakistan and has been famous all over Pakistan because of her marvelous height of 7 feet and 2 inches. She has faced many difficulties because of this extraordinary height. Her family couldn’t stand people’s concerns and moved to England for stay. She has filed a petition for asylum and expected a lifelong stay in UK, but her case got rejected back in 2009 and had to return back. Since then she has been facing daily life challenges with great strength.

3. Malgorzata Dydek: (7 Feet – 2 Inches)

Then next we have on our list is Malgorzagta Dydek. She is one women with the tallest of height, who successfully lived a normal life with her family. She heights 7 feet and 2 inches and was a famous US basketball player and had gained pretty much fame because of her fabulous performances in her game. She has played for multiple leagues and been a success story for many out there. She married her boyfriend and had two children.

2. Sandy Allen: (7 Feet – 7.5 Inches)

She is second on our list amongst the tallest women in the world. She has a marvelous height of 7 feet and 7.5 inches tall. She has been quite famous in the media and has written a book as well, which made its place successfully in the Guinness Book of world records. She also went through number of treatments, but couldn’t survive much because of this illness and expired.

1. Yao Defen: (7 Feet – 8 Inches)

On top position of our chart, we have Yao Defen as the tallest women of the world. She belongs to China and heights up to 7 feet and 8 inches, with largest feet in the world too. She belonged to a poor family in China and died at an early age of just 40 years, and in this short life of hers; she had to undergo quite many treatments to live a normal heighted life. But then again, due to the costly treatment they couldn’t afford and had to leave… which in turn left this abnormality with her for her life. She has somehow managed to live happily with it and went to met the Tallest man in China as well. We can only wish, one could do something for these extraordinary women to survive a little more and live a happy normal life as one wants.

Listing down all of the tallest women all over the world, one thing that I’ve seen they all have had to face a lot of difficulties in even carrying out their normal life routine chores, because of the society and people around them and because of the financial limitations, couldn’t carry out proper treatments. I just wish, the world could change for such people!