Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2018, Hottest Korean Actress List

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2018, Hottest Korean Actress List, The Korean Entertainment industry has flourished a lot in the recent times and they literally have produced some amazing artists. We have seen tremendous beauty coming out from Korean industry; which caught the eye of many people and critics also, all over the world. These actresses; who have been giving their best shots in the drama series either or their movies have been enchanting the entire world through their charismatic beauty and persona, Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2018, Hottest Korean Actress List here below which they have been well carrying along with them.

Today, we are going to pay tribute to such beauties by listing down the top 10 notched actresses in Korean showbiz industry. Let’s just have a quick review on top ones;

10. Han Ye Seul:

She is another ravishing Korean actress famous for her gorgeous beauty as well as her detailed acting skills. She works with passion and has impressed critics’ world over as well. She has not only performed on the television screens but has also depicted her acting skills on the larger silver screen, through which she has successfully gained fame and respect at the same time and it all, in turn, managed to get her huge fan following all over the world.

9. Song Hye Kyo:

One charismatic personality in Korean entertainment industry is to name none other than Song Hye Kyo. She is loved not only by the audiences and her fans at large but also by her mates and colleagues because of her jovial and cheery personality. She is loving and has been portraying this charm and freshness in her roles as well.

8. Lee Da Hae:

Standing on number 8th position, Lee Da Hae is another ravishing and dazzling actress, who is multifaceted. She has marked her position in the industry right from the start through her unbeatable skills. Moreover, she is regarded as the only actress of present times who has is found to have very good grasp of multi languages, including Japanese, Chinese, and English.

7. Ha Ji Won:

Ha Ji Won stands on number 7th position as one of the most beautiful actresses. Her real name is Jeon Hae- Rim, but she is now known mostly by her theater name Ha Ji Won. She has given tremendous performances in many of lead roles done by her in some prominent dramas. She has a captivating beauty and a gorgeous face, which attracts viewers to watch her dramas. Moreover, she has proved her acting skills in the number of genres of acting as, comedy, thrill, action, drama, and romance.

6. Shin Min Ah:

Another famous actress standing on number 6th position in our list is Shin Min Ah. She is also regarded as one of the best and highest paid actresses. Moreover, she is most famous as a comedy star. She started off her career in showbiz industry through modeling and then appeared as a model for many video songs. After that, she got breakthrough roles in few of the dramas and here she is, worldwide famous Korean actress.

5. Jun Ji Hyun:

Jun Ji Hyun, along with her beautiful face and perfect persona…is also regarded as one of the finest versatile actress Korea has ever produced. She is mostly known as a comedian artist and has given marvelous performances in all of her roles. Along with that, she has been regarded as one of the highest paid actresses of present times. She has given mind blowing performances in the number of movies too.

4. Park Shin Hye:

Park Shin Hye is another beautiful face from the world of Korean industry. She placed in the field of acting directly through dramas and right there and then; she got prominent position amongst her leagues. She has not only been there as one but has portrayed her talent as an incredible singer, startling model and a dancer as well. She has named multiple drama series to her name, where she has represented her roles in well-prescribed ways.

3. Han Ga-in:

Listing on the third position over here is also an amazing actress, Han Ga-in. She stepped into the world of modeling first and has given goose bumps to the audiences through her one glance. She is one beauty not to be ignored. You wouldn’t want to blink your eye from her when watching her episodes. She has seen in a number of commercials working as a brand endorsement for multiple prominent brands. Later, she ventured into the field of acting and proved herself as a versatile actress.

2. Yoon Eun Hye:

Another mesmerizing and enchanting beauty from the world of Korean industry is to be named as Yoon Eun Hye. This list shouldn’t have been certainly completed if we wouldn’t have mentioned her name over here. She is one versatile actress, who entails a world of talent within herself. She is not only famous for her acting, but she has also stepped into the world of direction and worked as an amazing model as well. Moreover, through her undoubtedly amazing acting in many genres of acting; she has won the number of awards.

1. Lee Ji Woo:

Listing on number one position here; we have none other than Lee Ji Woo. She is one amazing actress along with having the multi captivating beauty that mesmerizes the people world over. She came, she saw and she conquered through her astounding performances in the entertainment industry. She is known to be the best beauty found ever in the serene of Korea. She has given amazing performances in television as well as the film industry; where to name her credits are quite a bunch of successful hits.