Top 10 Hottest Girlfriend and Wives of Footballers In 2018

The Top 10 Most Beautiful, Hottest Girlfriend and Wives of Footballers In 2018, The beauty is endless in the world… and then especially talking about women of present times; they have not only polished their beauty to enhance their personalities but also have become pretty bold and open. They have been exposing their inner beauty to gain world’s attention, which has in turned out to be pretty advantageous for them in one way or the other to gain fame and money, both.

Lets’ just jot down the top 10 hottest and stylish either wives or girlfriends of famous football players of present times. They have not only gained fame but also got in the limelight in media world over. Social media has highlighted these ladies as well. Let’s have a quick look at them down here;

10. Amra Silajdzic:

Last but certainly not the least; we have Amra Silajdzic on our list. She is a famous actress and a model figure coming out from the Bosnian world. She has been an exquisite model, who has won pretty much in her field and named few recognizable awards to her credit. Along with that; she is engaged to one of the famous football striker from the world renowned team of Manchester city, named Edin Dzeko. She has gained enough fame all over the world through her career and her active mode on social mediums.


Amra Silajdzic

9. Elena Gomez:

Many of you would have been aware of this famous name, Elena Gomez. She is the girlfriend of Javi Garcia, who is the defensive midfielder of Zenit St. Petersburg team (which has been regarded as the former Manchester City and Real Madrid) football player. She has been pretty famous just because of being extra active on the social networks and loves to stay connected to the world through Instagram and Twitter. Her tweets are followed by her fans all over the world. Along with that; she has ventured into the world of the fashion industry as well and has been studying and selling off her designs over the internet.

8. Edurne:

Standing on number 8th position, we have Edurne, who is regarded as one of the smartest chics around. She is a multi-talented figure, with having an experience in the field of entertainment. She has been performing in the industry as a famous actress, TV presenter, and an amazing singer as well. She is presently hooked up to one of the famous goal keepers of Manchester United team, none other than David De Gea.

7. Pilar Rubio:

Another stunning entry in our list of top 10 ladies is Pilar Rubio. She is one amazing person on-airing on television screens as a reporter and a famous TV presenter. She comes with a Spanish background. Moreover, she has also shown her remarkable acting skills on the mediums of television and silver screens as well, through which she has got million fame and huge fan following all over the world. She is associated with Sergio Ramos as her wife and gave birth to a cute baby boy last year.

6. Antonella Roccuzzo:

This one beautiful lady comes from the background of Argentina. She met the superstar champion of football, none other than Lionel Messi in Argentina and right after that, their chemistry match and they hooked up together for the journey of a lifetime. She has been formerly working as a model. She got married to Leo Messi back in the year 2013 and has now two sons with him. She is regarded as one of the stylish and trendy wives around in the league for football players.

5. Alex Curran:

Then we have in our list as Alexandra Curran, who is yet another stunning lady. She is the wife of Steven Gerrard, who is the former captain of Liverpool team. She has been famous all over as a model and fashion columnist as well. She has made her name reach the top of the league, where Victoria Beckham stood and is now found to be taking ahead of the WAG’s to the new international Soccer league, all over the world.

4. Polly Parsons:

Standing proudly on number 4th position in the list of top 10 sexiest ladies is none other than Polly Parsons. She is stunning and gorgeous and exactly knows how to carry herself in the league of football. She has strongly made her position amongst the rest of sleekest ladies in town. She is now married to Thomas Vermaelen, who is a renowned player from FC Barcelona Belgium. She has now two sons with him.


Polly Parsons

3. Yolanthe Cabau:

Yolanthe Cabau is yet another sparkling beauty, standing in the league of football players list. She is associated as the Wesley Sneijder’s wife. She is a famous actress, who has shown some tremendous performances not only on the small screen of a television but also on the cinematic silver screens. She has got huge fan following because of her sleek and smart seductive looks. Moreover, she has also been regarded as the Sexiest Dutch women for three years of 2006, 2007 and 2009.

2. Melissa Satta:

Secondly, on our list, we have Melissa Satta. She is one of the famous and sexiest wives of Kevin Prince Boateng, who is a world renowned football player from Italy. She also comes from the Italy background. Other than that; she has a separate career to work after, which is a TV show girl. Through this program, she has gained enough popularity to be recognized all over the world.


Melissa Satta

1. Ann-Kathrin Brommel:

Topping our list with being the hottest and sexiest wives amongst all in the list; we have none other than Ann-Kathrin Brommel. She is a wife of the famous football player Mario Gotze. She has also got a lot of fame because of her modeling career and has made quite a name and reached the height. She has been associated with the world-famous footballer Mario Gotze, who is the renowned player from the German national football team.


Ann-Kathrin Brommel