Top 10 Most Powerful Muslim Countries in the World 2018

The Top 10 Most Powerful Muslim Countries in the World 2018, The Muslim world has a great standing in the entire world. Especially when we talk about the power hubs; be it in terms of atomic power or the oil owners. They both have the owners held in by the most powerful Muslim countries in the world. They play a major and vital role in defining the direction of world’s economy at large. Be it by any means… it contributes a lot in major ways.

Today; we are going to highlight the top 10 most powerful Muslim countries all over the world; which are also regarded as amongst the most influential ones too. Let’s take a sneak peek on the list;

10. Somalia:

Struggled hard to be amongst this list; Somalia stands on the last position in our list of top 10 most powerful Muslim countries in the world. It is located on the African continent and especially in its region; they hold a significant value and substantial say in their economic stabilities.

9. Syria:

Then we have Syria in the list of most strong Muslim countries in the world. They still haven’t gained the nuclear strengths though, but they have been spending the significant share of their annual budgets on the power building of their military forces. This has, in turn, paid a significant benefit to the country and has materialized their economic assets in a way to advantage their nation. On the other hand; they are yet equally distributed in facing the war at the same time.

8. Indonesia:

On number 8th position in our list; we have Indonesia as one of the strongest Muslim countries in the world. It is located in the South East Asia. Though the country was known to have a Dutch ruler for more than 300 years, henceforth after getting independence, they emerged as a strong nation. They have paid enough heed to their economic strength, tourism, and multiple factors to maintain their strength and position amongst the rest of Islamic nations. They have by now developed a strong forces power, inclusive of their skilled army, air force and naval leagues…due to which they are regarded as a strong piece of land.

7. Saudi Arabia:

Technically, the most powerful Muslim country in the world of Muslims all over; since Saudi Arabia is regarded as the religious hub. The country is located in the Western Asia, widely known as the Middle East. Also, being the core hub for the greatest oil reserves, they have gained enough power and strength not only amongst Muslim community but the main power hubs of the world. They all have been keeping an eye on their reserves, but keeping their say in the economic stability of the world; they have maintained their influential power. Alongside; they have been getting enough financial stability in being a charge of the oil reserves and have successfully built-up a strong economic center.

6. Egypt:

Coming out recently as one of the powerful countries in the league of Muslim nations all over the world… that is certainly Egypt!It is located in the larger area of North east corner of African corner of the world and also the land formed by the Sinai Peninsula. Deep down the history, Egypt has a great cultural background with strengthened republics. Even in present times; due to its sovereignty and forces, the country has known to make its place in the power Muslim nations.

5. Morocco:

Standing proudly on number 5th position on our list, we have none other than Morocco; a country which is not only famous for its historical cultural values and beautified domed mosques, but also has come up as a prominent strength amongst the strongest Muslim countries in the world. Morocco has stronger forces of 400 thousands of soldiers along with having a significant air force.

4. Iran:

Iran, also known as (aka) Persia, is basically located in the Middle East side of the world. Iran also has the standing that certainly none can beat. They have made their position world over through their economic strength and nuclear power, which they have been working on to improvise their power.

3. Bangladesh:

Then we have Bangladesh standing on 3 rd position. They have recently been concentrating on their economic and forces developments; which has certainly given them a boost. They have become one of the prominent countries to stand amongst them.

2. Turkey:

On number second we have Turkey as one of the powerful Muslim countries in the Muslim world. It has the amazingly superior forces and larger scale of navy force. Moreover, Turkey has a strong economic and strategic strength, which makes the country strong enough to stand on this list. Not only that; but Turkey also entails as a strong technological power amongst the rest.

1. Pakistan:

Pakistan stands on number one position when we get in the debate of most powerful Muslim countries in the world for the year 2018. Pakistan is not just area wise, but also the only nuclear Islamic power of the world. Along with that; it has a worth say in the economic stability of this region, which is subcontinent part of South Asia.kistan has the larger number of soldiers; a bigger number, a strong intelligence agency which has the world over standing named as ISI.

With every passing time and changing economic situation all over the world; Muslim countries hold a vital share. They not only aid in defining the right direction because of the owner of major oil and nuclear reserves but also due to their strong religious strengths…which seems to be increasing and influencing the world on ominously larger scales.