Top 10 Powerful Nuclear Weapons Countries In The World 2018

List of Top 10 Powerful Nuclear Weapons Countries In The World 2018, The use of swords, horses, guns, and shields in battlefields are the part of history. The modern time is of Nuclear Weapons. Every country in this world wants to be best in power of defense and the superiority in defense of a country is measured by the Nuclear weapons. More any country contains the variety of Nuclear Weapons, more powerful it is considered against the rival countries. If any country is well known for its nuclear power, being the nuclear power is itself a threat to the enemies of those countries and they fear to attack.

The ultimate purpose of the nuclear weapons is not destruction. In fact, they are made with the intent to defend the world and to save mankind from unseen dangers. The experiments on a different type of nuclear ballistic missiles have been done and now many countries are experimenting with making their ballistic missiles more intelligent and better in exploding the target but the threat of an Atom Bomb is incomparable. The destruction done with an Atomic bomb is horrible and an ultimate threat to mankind. The after effects of an atomic attack are miserable.

10. Iran

Iran nuclear weapons

With very hard efforts, ultimately Iran is amongst the list of world’s top nuclear powers and is at number 10 in the ranking. It is the second Muslim country with nuclear weapons after Pakistan. The numbers of nuclear weapons are still unclear but it was reported that many people get affected by the Iran and Iraq war because of the use of nuclear weapons by Iran. Therefore, Iran signed an agreement regarding the destruction of nuclear weapons with America.

9. North Korea

North Korea nuclear weapons

In the race of big nuclear powers of the world, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea makes it mark and during last few years it has increased the number of nuclear weapons and stood on number 9 in the competition. In the last two years, Korea has worked really hard on ballistic missiles and increases the number of nuclear weapons.

8. Israel

Israel nuclear weapons

The state of Israel, which is a Jewish state and known to the other human race, not in a positive word, is on 8th position amongst the super powers of the world. Israel is not only hated by the Muslim countries of the world because of its continues war with Palestine but the other countries also dislike it. The only companion to this country is the super power America which always supported it and it is no more secret that with the help of United States of America, today Israel is in this position that it holds almost 80 powerful nuclear weapons.

7. India

India nuclear weapons

India is one of the largest countries in the world and ranked in number 2 in the population of the world. The cold border war between India and Pakistan is world famous and this is one of the main reasons that why India focuses more on defense. In the list of world’s strongest nuclear weapons, it stands on number 7. It is reported that India has more than 100 nuclear weapons. The Indian scientists are working hard and did many experiments time to time in which some failed as well. They also purchased weapons from Russia recently.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan nuclear weapons

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947 and on 28th May 1998 brought the world to knees by becoming the first ever Muslim nuclear power country of the world by launching nuclear test at Chaghi. It is in 6th position. According to the digits, Pakistan has almost 120 missiles and continuously trying to improve the defense of the country. By becoming the nuclear power, it is a threat to the neighboring country India and a support to all the Muslim countries in the World.

5. China

China nuclear weapons

China is marked its name in the most developed countries of the world as it has made progress in no time. The country with the largest population of the world is on number 5 but is on the way to become a super power of the world.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom nuclear weapons

With a total number of 225 nuclear weapons, the United Kingdom is on 4th position of the World’s strongest Nuclear Weapon countries in the world of 2018. It is an old country and became a nuclear power in the year 1956 and also known as the strongest army in the world.

3. France

France nuclear weapons

The third position is secured by France while containing more than 300 nuclear weapons. Being a Nuclear power it is a dilemma that France is still facing terrorist’s attacks. But still, it is working hard to make its internal defense more powerful.

2. The United States of America

The United States of America nuclear weapons

Once the United States of America was known as the super power of the world but now it is at number 2 in the race of nuclear weapons. According to reports, it has more than 7500 weapons and also these nuclear weapons are considered as the best weapons in the world. The technology that is used in these weapons is of the advance level and keeps accuracy to a very high level.

1. Russia

Russia nuclear weapons

Russia is on the top of the list of the 10 strongest nuclear weapons countries of the world in 2018. It is having almost 8500 nuclear weapons and at the moment enjoying the position of the super power of the world.