The Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2018 With Net Worth

Who are The Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2018 With Net Worth, The entertainment industry world over has a lot to offer; not just to the audiences but the artists as well, belonging to this industry. All the genres of entertainment have excelled a lot in past times; where one of the most prominent ones was surely the music industry. The World’s Top 10 Richest Rappers in The World 2018 With their Net Worth list here below Music industry yet introduces a number of artists every a year and in the same lies, we have seen some amazing rappers in our times.

Today, we are listing down here some of the top 10 richest rappers all around the world. Let’s have a look at


10. Snoop Dogg:

He is known as one of the pioneers in this industry. He is an amazing rapper and has been tremendously performing out there on his rap songs to entertain the audiences at large. He has through his world over fan following grabbed a total wealth of $135 million and increasing. He surely is one of those artists, who just don’t stick around their boundaries and go out of the box to experiment and come up eventually with something new and amazing every time. He has also ventured in acting and has shown his performances in some funny roles, which yet again made him favorite of many out there.

9. Lil’Wayne:

On second last number; we have Lil’Wayne. Though he started off his career in the rap music industry at a very young age; but he succeeded and exactly knew how to make his space amongst the top settled rappers in the industry. He has been working really hard and producing some amazing songs, which keeps the audience engaged and mesmerized all the time. This guy has a unique voice and strong vocal chords which made him reach the height of his industry and made him one of the richest rappers of today’s time. He has a total wealth of $135 million.

8. Ice Cube:

Mostly known and famous with the name of “Craig” in the industry and movies; he is one of the richest rappers all over the world. He owns a total wealth of $160 million, which is increasing every passing time… since he is so much in producing amazing music; that music lovers can’t just stop buying him. They love listening to his numbers and dance on them.

7. Eminem:

One of my favorite rap stars to be standing on this list is none other than Eminem. He has to be there because he knows what he is producing. He loves music, he loves rapping and through his amazing productions, he makes the people love his music as much as he enjoys making it. He has been there in the industry for quite some time and not only has earned respect but gained quite a wealth of total $160 million. Along with singing, he is in the writing business too; and being a song writer gives an advantage to him to produce his kind of music without relying on anyone else.

6. Birdman:

Next on our top 10 list is Brian Williams, who is more famous and known by his music name of Birdman. He is one amazing artist, who exactly knows the right cord to play to engage the audience in his performance. He is a great performer and makes sure to entertain them till the end, which makes him different than the rest and also made him one of the richest rappers in the industry. He has a total wealth of $170 million.

5. 50 Cent:

50 Cent has a big name in the world of Rap music. He is the man with a great talent and sense of music and every time he comes up with a unique rap number, which makes his audience drool over him. Not only his music, but he is one of the style icons of this industry and through his huge fan following all around the world; he has successfully gained a total wealth of $250 million, which he is investing in his career and allowing him to step ahead in his music genre.

4. Master P:

Famous with the name of Master P; this rapper stands on the number fourth position in our list. He is also one amazing artist and an all-time favorite of rap lovers. His concerts are amazing and a place worth going to. Master P has a huge fan following all over the world and has broken all the boundaries through his music. He doesn’t only rap, but produces different music as well, which mesmerizes the audiences and leaves a lifelong impression on them. He has a total wealth of $350 dollars; which allows him to stay in the market with all his style.

3. Jay-Z:

Jay-Z is one of the biggest entertainers of our times. He has a lot of die-hard fans all around the world; who just go crazy once they start listening to his songs. Through his fame and hard work in his genre music, he has grabbed a total wealth of &550 million and that is not just it. It certainly is increasing with the passage of time and as his demand for rap music is growing…people are buying more of him!

2. Diddy:

Yet another famous rapper and musician, Diddy is also one of the richest rappers in the world today. He has successfully added a wealth of almost $700 million. He is a great entertainer and completely engages his audiences with him in his live performances. The moment you start listening to his songs; you just can’t help stopping yourself from grooving and moving.

1. Dr. Dre:

Standing on the number 1 position, we have none other than the “Dr. Dre”. Anyone with the love of rap music knows this master music maker. He is one of the successful rappers, who have made an immense wealth through his talent. His real name is basically Andre Romelle Young but mostly known as his nick. Through his amazing performance in rap music industry, he has been acknowledged with numerous awards and has gained a lot of fame. Also, he has a total worth of $700 million dollars, beating the rest of rappers in his line.


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