The World’s Most Powerful Man in 2018 Top 10 Forbes List

Who is The World’s Most Powerful Man in 2018 Top 10 Forbes List, The economy of the world all over is basically a game played by the power hub countries? The countries that play a major role in defining the direction of the world economy and influence its major decisions are important. They have almost created a lobby to control the world and have been successfully doing so by ruling the major decisions of the economic world today as to what is to be done, how it is to be done when it is to be done and by whom it is to be done through. They are the ones who decide everything. And it’s just a matter of their hands game.

The World’s Most Powerful Man in 2018 Top 10 Forbes List HERE BELOW Let’s just in a quick review highlight few of those most powerful men in the entire world, ranked in the year 2018. The list includes the following names;

10. Michael Duke:

Well, many of us wouldn’t be aware of his name…but in the world of retailing; he is the champ! He certainly is… Michael Duke is the owner and CEO of world’s top notched retailing store Wal-Mart. He in true spirit defined the shopping of all tastes and choices under one roof. You name it and he made surely Wal-Mart has in store that for his customers.

9. Mario Draghi:

He is none other, but the President of European Central Bank; who plays with the fate of Euro currency and its value. Being on this major position; he is responsible for maintenance and stability of Euro currency and financial unity among 17 European Union countries. Phew! Sounds definitely like a tough one…but he sure is the right guy for this job and henceforth stands on number 9th position in our list, holding the tag of one of the most powerful men in the world.

8. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud:

Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the present ruler of Saudi Arabia and has been representing the Muslim The World at large. One of the major reasons of him being a vital position holder as one of the most powerful men is definitely none other than the ruler of oil reserves. They have been regarded as to have the second largest crude oil deposits of worth $265 billion barrels. When amalgamating this in terms of value; it stands as the 20% holder of the world’s overall oil reserves and makes it even more of the value for the world today.

7. Ben Bernanke:

He is basically the Chairman of US Federal Reserve and definitely holds a significant worth in the world’s major economy. He has been ranked on number 7th position in our list as the most powerful people by the authentic Forbes. He has a momentous position in the uplifting of not US economy but aids a lot in the stability of world’s economy.

6. Bill Gates:

I’m sure everyone out there is well aware of this mega name in the world of technology. Yes… he is none other than Bill Gate; The founder and CEO of Microsoft! He is also the richest man in the history of America and world over too. He proudly stands on number 6th position in our list and surely deserves to be here through his struggling hard career. He owns a total wealth of $72 billion, making him the richest, with no one even close to him. Bill Gates carries one influential person and certainly plays a major role in the economy of the world at large.

5. Angela Merkel:

She is ranked amongst the most powerful people in the world today. She is basically a German Chancellor, who has taken the 5th position in our list. She is also regarded as one of the strongest influential personalities in the entire Europe. She has been working as a backbone for the European Union, along with being the fate decider of euro currency…which is certainly a big deal; thus having a great responsibility of her shoulders at the end of the day.

4. Pope Francis:

Then we have Pope Francis in our list; that is ranked amongst the most powerful men in the entire world today. He is a 76-year-old pope and a great religious leader for Christians all over Europe and American states. He has been playing an important role in developing the social responsibility amongst the people of Europe and struggling to have they are strong ethical and moral values.

3. Xi Jinping:

On number 3 rd position we have Chinese president, named Xi Jinpang. He has been powerful enough to rule China in the right direction in his entire presidency career and aims to continue doing the same. Throughout his tenure; the economy of China has seen a major boom in almost every aspect, and it is stipulated that by the time he is here; Chinese economy is going to handle a major share of world economic growth.

2. Barack Obama:

Former president of United States of America has been ranked on the second position by Forbes as one of the strongest man in the world. We all know that America has been ruling world over by being a super power of the world and controlling the oil reserves. His foreign direct policies have had a strong impact on the international economies at large. No matter how low or high the financial status of US reserves may go; how much crisis they are in; but he always used to make sure they stay on the top notched position to keep ruling the world without any compromise.

1. Vladimir Putin:

The above survey has been conducted by the famous Forbes by collecting data and analyzing the decision key holders from all over the world. This is pretty authentic since it is done by none other than Forbes. Therefore; listing on top 1 st position in our list, we have none other than the Russian President to be rated as the strongest man of present times. He is Vladimir Putin. Russian strategies and their intrusion in the economic survival have always been quite vital and their national and international policies have always had an impact on the international market. They have been giving asylum to the famous former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.