Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Japanese Actresses of 2018

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Japanese Actresses of 2018 Who in the world is not attracted to the beauty! I’m dead sure there isn’t anyone. We all are fascinated by the natural beauties all over, be it found in any part of the world. Asia is known to have found the best beauty in person all over the world… and that too, in the best of their shapes.

Especially naming Japan is one of the countries where beauty is excessive in every sense and they exactly know how to retain it for the longest of times, Let’s have a quick look at the top 10 most beautiful and sexiest models in Japan, who are listed down for the year 2018. Below follows the list,

10. Masami Nagasawa:

The stands on number 10th position in our list. Masami Nagasawa is again yet another multi-talented star emerging from the soil of Japan. She is not just a great musician, but one fine actress and a bold model. She is considered as one of the sexiest models all around and due to her splendor looks and personality, she has performed in numerous movies and gained success and fame worldwide.

Masami Nagasawa

9. Yukie Nakama:

Yukie Nakama is one amazing and multi-talented person. She has ventured in yet different fields and has a great deal of hard work and commitment made her reach the height of fame and glamor. She is one of the finest actress, model, and an amazing singer. Through her completing and ever-enchanting beauty and melodious numbers that she has produced up till now, she has got the huge fan following all over the world.

Yukie Nakama

8. Kurara Chibana:

She is another mesmerizing beauty found in Japan. Kurara Chibana also started off her career as a model, at a very young age and pursued her career in the same field. She got her breakthrough fame when she won the title of Miss Universe for Japan, back in the year 2006. She has won world fame and gained popularity all over the world and due to her charismatic beauty, she has the huge fan following all over the world.

Kurara Chibana


7. Naomi Sasaki:

Another amazing entry in our list is Naomi Sasaki. She is regarded as one of the beautiful models in Japan and recognized well in Asia continent due to her extravagant beauty. She started off her career in the field of modeling at a very young age and compelled the world to her talent through her competitive skills in her league.


Naomi Sasaki

6. Mao Inoue:

On number 6th position, we have Mao Inoue, one of the cutest celebrities and a model girl in Japan. Mao Inoue is one of the finest models of Japan along with a beautiful voice. She has produced some amazing songs, where her magical voice did wonders and because of that, she has also won numerous awards. She has given the youth of the country a new mesmerizing voice and some not-to- be-forgotten numbers, which keeps on humming in the minds and hearts of people.

Mao Inoue

5. Keiko Kitagawa:

One of the most amazing persons to be found in the showbiz world of Japan is none other than Keiko Kitagawa. She is a multi-talented star; who has stepped in different areas such as singing, acting, and modeling and in all these genres she has proved herself as the best. She is a world famous star because of her shining bright eyes and persona that she carries quite well.

Keiko Kitagawa

4. Reon Kadena:

This beautiful woman started off her career in the showbiz industry as a model. When she hit the screens through snapshots and advertisements, the world went crazy after her beauty. She in a very short span of time made her space amongst the league and now is regarded as the sexiest models around. After that, She pursued her career in acting, where she showed her incredible acting skills in multiple television shows. Above all, as a person, she is considered to be one of the most humble and down to earth celebrities found in Japan in present times.


Reon Kadena

3. Rie Miyazawa:

The 3rd on our list we have the ravishing beauty, Rie Miyazawa. She is one of the beautiful ladies around in Japan, who has successfully made her position in the limelight of fashion world. She is known for her extraordinary looks, not just limited to the boundaries of Japan, but all around the world as well. In true sense, Japanese beauties are age hiders! You surely won’t believe if I’d disclose that she has touched 40! Surely, that’s a Wow to be maintaining this charisma and beauty elegance at this age, which certainly she has the art of doing so.


Rie Miyazawa

2. Miyako Miyazaki:

Well, this mesmerizing beauty has started off her career in the showbiz industry long time back. She was only 18 years old when she jumped in this field and since then has been taking away the breaths of millions of people all over the world. Though she has turned 36 now; but nonetheless that hardly makes a difference in her personality or charisma, in fact, that keeps on increasing with every passing time and keeps the audiences enchanted through her charming persona.


Miyako Miyazaki

1. Maria Ozawa:

Topping our list, we have one of the most stunning and gorgeous beauty around in Japan. none other than Maria Ozawa. She has been there for quite some time and made her enough presence through her compelling beauty and extravagant movies to be attracted to the people all over the world. She has appeared in a number of mature movies and has given some bold performances. Not only that, she has shown her tremendous acting skills on multiple television programs. She is known for her exciting and sparkling personality.

Maria Ozawa